About Lindy

Lindy Kerby is an eternal optimist, filled with hope and a determination to cheer and to bless everyone she meets. She is a mother of 7, a songwriter, mentor, speaker and performer.

Lindy grew up in a loving, musical home with 10 younger brothers and sisters. She had a happy childhood, got married early and when  she was told that everyone had trials, she distinctly remembers thinking that she wouldn’t have any, and that if she did, she could handle anything that came.

That was the beginning of an amazing journey that began with a colicky child, a difficult marriage, many, many children, and learning about depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, addictions and life challenges that included divorce and a whole new set of interesting challenges. It’s been a difficult road to travel, but through it all Lindy has come to know God and understand that He is there for all of His children to turn to when those difficult challenges come. Her messages center around having hope, being happy and turning to God during the difficult trials that come.

Lindy is also a talented songwriter and singer. She began writing music after the birth of her 3rd child. Though it was not easy, Lindy made her first piano CD in the year 2005, “Little Miracles” and followed it up with a second CD in 2008, “Thy God, My God: Strength from the Lives of Biblical Women”. Lindy has been blessed with many opportunities to speak and/or sing at BYU women’s conferences, the Mormon Association of Counselors and Psychotherapists, a Messenger Mastermind, and a dozen other inspirational firesides and events.


Lindy’s optimism and hope comes from a trust that God is always aware of our circumstances and is just waiting for us to come to Him so that we can get through our trials, discover true joy and happiness and fulfill our individual missions here on earth.


If you would be interested in having Lindy speak at your event or fireside, please Contact her.