Father, Do you Hear Me?

Do you ever struggle in getting answers to prayer? I certainly do!

This video features a song I wrote when I was particularly struggling with hearing those answers. It was important to remind myself that God really is listening and answering our prayers.

I hope you'll watch til the end, it's got a fun counterpoint harmony where both verses happen at the same time - and then of course we put our bloopers at the end, super fun. Enjoy!

Father, Do You Hear Me

Night and Every morning
Each and Every day
I kneel by my bedside to pray
Sometimes I wonder
if He's really there
Listening to the words
of my Child-like prayer

Father, Do you hear me?
Please listen as I pray
Help me understand thee
and walk in Thy way
Bless me with Thy Spirit
to live like Thy son
And in all things may
Thy will be done

Comfort from the spirit
Feelings of sweet peace
Answers to my questions
by promptings I receive
and yet I sometimes wonder
if what I know is true
Father, Help me understand
What thou'd have me do

Copyright 2018 by LIndy Kerby

A very special thank you to my sister Heidi Smart for helping me record this fun music video!
Please check out her other fun music videos at:
You can also download for free the sheet music for this song as well as many other songs at:

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