Future Events:

June 2018 - Stake Youth Conference, Manassa Colorado Stake

Past Events:

Mom's Conference - "The Bright Side of Life" Hope Haven Events - November 2017

Lindy loves to speak/sing on a variety of topics. Here are two of her favorites:

"The Bright Side of Life" - Trials are a part of our earthly experience, but that doesn’t mean they have to get us down! In this inspiring, musical class, Lindy shares her personal experiences and songs that have helped her to be happy, have hope and experience joy along the journey.

"The BE/DO Concept" - Good Relationships are easy when you get along with those you love, but what about those people who are hard to love? In this inspiring, life changing class, Lindy uncovers some of the mysteries about strengths and weaknesses, misperceptions and why people get offended when none was intended. Lindy believes that understanding these concepts could potentially save marriages, family relationships and help people learn to love - unconditionally.

"Choose your own" - Lindy would be happy to speak on a wide range of topics including hope, perfection, the power of your mind, God's love, accomplishing goals, motherhood, and more. In your invitation below, please include the topic you would like Lindy to speak about.

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