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Access to the Composer

In the exclusive "Light" Room Facebook group, you will have access to special Facebook Live Videos and discussions to ask questions of the composer and to learn firsthand about the stories behind the songs. If you've ever wanted to get to know the composer, this is the place to learn!

CD's to Inspire

In The "Light" Room, you will have access to all of Lindy's professionally recorded CD's, even the new CD's that are yet to come! Join now and start downloading right away!

Inspirational Personal Songs

Many of the songs that Lindy performs at Firesides and Events are not found on any albums. These are Lindy's personal songs shared for the first time here in the "Light" Room. Songs like "He Gives Me Hope", "Everything", and "Sometimes it Takes a Trial"

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I am super excited about the ability to share my songs with the world. I know that music has blessed my life in abundance, and I want to share these songs with you! I'm excited for you to be able to hear the songs that have changed my life for the better and helped me to have hope, feel joy, and to be grateful, even through my adversities. By signing up for a "Light" Room membership, you will be able to gain access to the light that has blessed me through these songs. I'm also excited to have a more personal relationship with my fans and those who love and appreciate the songs that I've shared. In the Light Room Facebook group, I will be excited to answer questions and to have discussions about the music and to hear your stories and how the songs have touched your heart. It will also be a place where I will do Facebook lives, and from time to time, share a song that I'm working on, or share a story behind a song that I have previously written.

I'm so excited about this! I hope you will choose to participate and also to share this opportunity with a friend! ~Lindy Kerby

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