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Lindy is passionate about helping people improve their relationships by understanding the different ways people act, think and perceive. Understanding others is the key to being able to love with all your heart, might, mind and strength.


Learning who you are and what your purpose is gives motivation to become the person God intended you to be! Through music and sharing her personal experiences, Lindy loves to encourage others to trust in God and the plan that He has for each of us!


When you understand where true joy comes from, you have the capacity to control your own destiny instead of letting your life control you. Lindy is passionate about helping people discover the joy that this life is all about finding!

About Lindy

Lindy Kerby is an inspirational singer/songwriter/speaker/mentor and divorced mother with 7 children. Her music has been played and performed all over the world. She has two CD’s including a piano CD “Little Miracles” and an inspirational vocal CD entitled “Thy God, My God: Strength from the Lives of Biblical Women.”

Lindy has performed for numerous events, conferences and firesides including BYU Women’s Conferences, Hope Haven Events and the yearly AMCAP convention.

Lindy loves sharing music and personal experiences about how to overcoming difficult relationships, be happy amidst adversity and seeing the Miracles that Happen when we put God first.

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