On This Father’s Day – Music Video

For many years, I wanted to write a song celebrating Father’s. I didn’t want it to be just for my earthly father (though he is definitely deserving), but for ALL good men. This song was written to celebrate those men, whether they have children or not, who inspire and bless the world around them. There are so many good people like that in my life. I have come to respect and love my own father more and more as the years go by. Mine is a wonderful priesthood holder and example to me. My husband is also that kind of person, as well as the Bishops I’ve had opportunity to work with and know through my church. I have good, caring home teachers, and good male friends and neighbors that have rescued me in times of need, and have taught my children the gospel. Most of all, I am grateful for my Heavenly Father, who I know loves and cares for each one of His children. We were sent here to learn and to grow and to become more like Him. I am grateful to know and feel of His love in my life. I hope you will enjoy and share this song and video with anyone who might appreciate it. Happy Father’s Day!