The Bright Side of Life

It’s not easy to smile when something’s making you frown,
It’s hard to see that there are blessings when the world has you down.
But if the purpose of life is that we’re s’posed to feel joy,
How are we supposed to feel it, if we’re feeling annoyed?

These are lyrics from a song I wrote in 2014 called “The Bright Side of Life”. I wrote this song for a BYU Women’s Conference to go with their theme. It was a terrific experience and I loved every minute of it.

At the time I felt a real connection to the song. I was going through hard times, and I needed to remember to smile, be happy and grateful. This song helped me keep things in perspective and helped me to remain positive.

Later, when I was dealing with the pain of divorce and rejection, the song felt almost like a mockery. How could I smile and laugh at something seriously wrong? Would I ever be able to smile and be happy again?

It’s been a little over 2 years since I wrote the song, but again, it makes me smile. I need to

laugh just a little,
cry but just a little,
shake my head from side to side and giggle, yes giggle!
If life isn’t right, you still get to decide
if you’ll look at the bright side of life
It’s there on the right side
The bright side of life!

I’m feeling happy again. We already sold our house and things are falling into place. I know God is helping me with everything he can to make things work out. I know He wants me to be happy.

I hope you’ll share this song with someone who might be able to use a little pick me up. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder that it’s okay to cry – and it’s okay to laugh. It’s okay to look at the bright side of life.