Inspirational Interview with Lindy Kerby

Inspirational Interview with Lindy Kerby

Lindy Kerby playing with her kids


How did you come to do what you do?

Where do you find inspiration?

What is your creative process?

How do you fit creativity into your busy life?

These were some of the difficult questions that Lindy Kerby answers in an interview that she wrote up for  Jennifer Manges new inspirational website .

In this interview, Lindy talks about some of the inspiration behind her music, how she began writing, and how she finds balance with being creative and being a mom. She also answers whether she writes music or lyrics first and some of her struggles with songwriting.

If you’ve ever wondered about the songwriter behind the songs, this interview will give you an in-depth look. Click here to visit Jennifer Manges’s new website, and read this inspirational interview.