Dr. Dale Hull – Inspirational Person

Dr. Dale Hull – Inspirational Person

Have you been through a difficult trial, but then were able to see a greater purpose and meaning in it? Something that would be able to bless others because of the experience you went through?

Dr. Dale Hull is someone who inspires me in that way. Dr. Hull was a successful doctor and surgeon. He had delivered hundreds of babies, and felt that his life was good. He had a beautiful family, wonderful wife, three young boys and a dog. He was unprepared when a challenge came that would change his life forever.

In 1999, Dr. Hull was jumping on a trampoline in his backyard. He came down after an incomplete rotation, and landed on the back of his neck. instantly a quadraplegic. He knew in that moment that his life would never be the same again.

Dr. Hull was blessed with much support from his wife, family, doctors and friends. Prayers were offered in his behalf, including in temples and churches all over the world. They prayed and fasted for miracles. The miracles came. Over the next several months, Dr. Hull was blessed to regain feeling and movement, a little bit at a time, allowing him to move and walk, assisted by only a cane.

Through the difficult times, Dr. Hull relied on his faith, his family, and his friends to get through. Dr. Hull set goals for himself- to move a finger, to feed himself, to drive a wheelchair, and to walk. Dr. Hull even set a goal to became a torch bearer for the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics. It was a miracle that day when surrounded by family and friends, he was able to pass the torch to Karl Malone.  Always looking for ways to improve, Dr. Hull began to become aware of others that had suffered spinal cord injuries as he had.  With his physical therapist, he co-founded a non-profit physical therapy clinic. It was instituted to inspire hope and provide rehabilitation for those with spinal cord injuries. He knows first hand what these people are going through, and blesses their lives through his experience.

I’m glad that Dr. Hull is willing also to share his story with others. I was blessed to hear this story once again from him on Friday.  I never get tired of hearing about his strength, courage, and faith. I’m also inspired by his humility, and graciousness in sharing  the things that he’s learned.

If you would like to hear firsthand Dr. Hull’s story, you can listen to an inspiring interview with him presented by the Mormon channel entitled, One Step At a Time.


Meg Johnson – Inspirational Person

Meg Johnson – Inspirational Person

As it explains on Meg’s website, “Meg fell off a cliff and broke her neck in 2004 and spent four months in the hospital recovering from multiple injuries and returned home without the use of her legs, back, stomach, or hands – a quadriplegic.”

I met Meg when she came to speak at our church (for a Stake Relief Society Conference). I didn’t know what to expect. From her picture, I imagined that she had found a way to be happy, despite her difficult circumstances (something that always inspires me), but I also expected that she would barely be able to speak into a microphone, use her body very much, or DO very much besides speaking. I was wrong. Meg is an inspirational person. She is having an amazing influence on others, inspiring everyone she comes in contact with.

In the years since her accident, instead of dwelling on all the thing she CAN’T do, Meg fills her life with things she CAN. She became very involved with the Ms Wheelchair America pageant. She instituted a service outreach program and authored several motivational books and CD’s. She is a motivational and inspirational speaker. She also has a website in which, she writes a “Monthly Message”, and puts out YouTube videos spotlighting things she CAN do. These always inspire me to be grateful for how wonderful it is to HAVE a body. Her theme is, “When life gets too hard to stand, just keep rollin’!”

Meg inspires me to make the most of my life, to focus on things that I CAN do, and to be grateful for what I have. Meg is also expecting a baby soon. I think she will make a wonderful mother. I would encourage anyone who would like to get to know more about Meg, to visit her website at: www.megjohnsonspeaks.com.