Pieces of my Life

Have you ever had the feeling that something big was going to happen to you, but you didn’t know what it was going to be? These last few years have been crazy, and I want to share again some of the pieces of my life.

On This Father’s Day – Music Video

For many years, I wanted to write a song celebrating Father's. I didn't want it to be just for my earthly father (though he is definitely deserving), but for ALL good men. This song was written to celebrate those men, whether they have children or not, who inspire and bless the world around them. [...]

I Will Praise Thee – Music Video

I will praise Thee with a song filled with gratitude to Thee.
Let my heart show of my praise, serving Thee in all my days
All I have I give to Thee, Loving Father, I thank Thee.

Source of Inspiration – Video

As a composer, I’ve learned to pray for the inspiration to write songs that I’m asked to write. Sometimes, when I pray, the inspiration is still slow to come. This video dramatizes an unexpected answer when inspiration was slow in coming.

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