Discovering Your Life Mission: How to Choose

Do you know what your life mission is? Can you clearly see the path to get there?

If you’re like me, it's not always easy to know which direction to go.

Thankfully, God helps us figure it out.

I remember being a young single adult, unmarried with my whole life ahead of me. Doors led to all sorts of different choices and opportunities. I wanted to get married, be a musical actress, sing, be a mom, travel and be an inspiration to the world. I had no clear direction or idea of how I could accomplish any of it, but I knew if it was something I was supposed to do, God would help.

I got married right away. I started having children, and most of my dreams fell by the wayside. Except that God kept reminding me about them. There were several times through subtle and not-so-subtle promptings that I needed to continue writing music and to share my songs with the world.

I kept trying to follow the impressions I received, but every time I felt the desires to do more or to leave my home, I was reminded that my calling was to be a mother and that those desires would come later in life, in a different "season". Though I loved being a mother, it was often confusing to me why God would continue to give me those feelings, when I was supposed to stay focused on being a mother.

Now I finally see things more clearly. I can only imagine what might have happened if I had tried to pull away earlier. It could have effected my marriage, or later, my divorce and how long I got to be with my children. How grateful I am that I did choose to spend that time with my children. It's been hard being away from them every other week. Being a full time mother was the best decision I've ever made.

Though I'm still trying to be the best mother I can be, I find myself lately, in the same place I was, looking at the same doors and remembering the dreams I once had. Though many of the doors are the same, I'm not the same person I was before.

I have grown up a lot since that young girl was there wondering which direction she should go. I'm a completely changed, different person and the promptings are telling me to go, and not be afraid.

I know which path I'm supposed to go on, and I have to face my fears in knowing that it's the path that God has been leading me down all along the way. It feels like it's what I'm supposed to do. It's my life mission.

As hard as my experiences have been, they've helped me gain my testimony, knowledge and opportunities that can help and bless others as I share them. I now know how I can be an inspiration to the world.

I have the feeling that this year will bring amazing opportunities, dreams, growth, love and experiences that I may not have even imagined. I hope I can inspire my children. If I can do that, then I'll feel like I accomplished everything. They are still the most important thing to me.

As you stand at the beginning of this year in front of doors that lead to who-knows-where, I would encourage you to follow the promptings that God gives you. Don't be afraid. He knows what you need and what will help you the most in becoming the person God knows you can be. He wants you to be happy and He knows how to get you there. Trust in Him.

May you have a wonderful New Year and make progress towards becoming that person. It probably won't happen right away, but I do know that it will leads to a life of joy!

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